After taking two bullets to his lower body shielding his niece in Los Angeles, Brandon Roy is “doing great” and recovering in the Seattle area, according to his cousin Marvin Hall.

Hall says the Nathan Hale coach and retired NBA star has not spoken publicly about the incident because he is spending time with family and relaxing.

Los Angeles County Sheriff’s deputies say last weekend, two unknown men approached a group of four men outside a family party and then started shooting. KCBS in Los Angeles reported Roy took two bullets, one to the hamstring and another in the buttocks, because he was shielding his 6-year-old nice from gunfire.

Tuesday, Hall confirmed the report about his niece, explaining he was shocked to hear Roy had been shot, but not at all surprised to hear he was protecting family.

“He’s always been a hero, so this situation doesn’t make him that. That’s who he is,” Hall said.

When asked if Roy has any words for fans, Hall said “His message is to just thank everyone for their support and the love they give. Because the same love they've been giving to him, he's been able to reciprocate that love in other areas in his life.”

Hall, who is 10 years older than Roy, says he helped teach him to play basketball and become a star for the Huskies, Trailblazers and Timberwolves.

“He’s a tough competitor. He’s a fighter. It runs in the blood line. We’re all fighters,” Hall said.  

Now the duo fights for young people. Together, they run Team Brandon Roy, an amateur athletic union basketball program that incorporates tutoring and mentoring. Students from various backgrounds come to Seattle from as far as Yakima to play for the AAU team. The program has assisted kids who are having issues at home and with homelessness to get on the college track.

“I think it’s because he sees himself in those young men,” Hall said of Roy. “So when he gets that reflection of himself, he’s pushing that kid as if he’s pushing himself.”

Roy also won Naismith high school basketball coach of the year after taking Nathan Hale to No. 1 in the country in only one year. Hall says players are anxious for his return.

“They’re excited. They know he’s fine now. They’re just excited for him to come back and they’re excited for next year,” Hall said.

Roy’s comeback could happen as early as this summer, when Nathan Hale and Team Brandon Roy return for practice.