PORTLAND, Ore. – Boys and Girls Club of Portland is warning about a scam. Scammers are pretending to be members, and walking in neighborhood, passing out flyers, asking for money.

The scammers have hit at least two areas, Tigard, and the Woodstock neighborhood, and are also targeting businesses.

People ask for money that will be used to bring back a music program. The problem is, the Boys and Girls Club says, there is no new music program. This is a scam.

The organization was first alerted about the problem when a woman called earlier in the week, and told them, she was approached by people who claimed to be staff members, and she made a donation. She said several other people had donated, as well. It’s then the woman realized this was most likely a scam. She was right.

“It we are doing that type of face to face donations, we are always represented in our clothes, in our uniforms, in our blue shirts that say ‘staff’. And even if we are doing that, it’s a rare situation where we are out in the public doing that type of thing,” said Senior Director of Programs Imani Muhammad.

She says you can make sure you are donating to the right organization by donating in-person at any of the clubs, or donate online.