PORTLAND, Ore. – A man from South Korea has a dream to cycle from Canada to Argentina on a solo trip. But his dream has been cut short by a thief in Portland.

Minhyeong Kim’s black-and-red Scott Sub 40 and the racks on the front and back holding his possessions were stolen last Friday night.

Kim parked his bike and locked it up outside the Fred Meyer store on Southeast Cesar Chavez Boulevard and Hawthorne Boulevard last Friday night. He went in to to buy some food and the bike was gone when got back outside 20 minutes later.

The bike and almost all his gear, from a tent to a laptop, had vanished. He said it was his entire life, his home on wheels.

Kim is a young man who spent the past two years saving and planning, to fly from South Korea to Edmonton, Canada, and then to ride his bicycle all the way down to Argentina. He had made it 1,500 miles in 35 days. But his trip was stopped in Portland.

Kim said he loves Portland, but what happened hurt him, and he wants the thief to know that.

“At first I’m very angry and sad because of you, but now I can forgive you," he said "I just want...return my bicycle for me.”

The Scott bike is mostly black with red graphics and is set up for long-haul touring. Anyone who sees it is asked to call Portland police at 503-823-3333.