CORVALLIS, Ore. -- A Corvallis man is pleading with the public to help him find his wife’s remains. They were stolen from outside his home.

“I just really want her home,” said Matthew Archer.

Archer’s wife, Patricia, died suddenly on July 30. Archer honored his wife’s request and had her cremated. Naturally, it was tough on the kids.

“Left her in the back of the jeep when we came home Friday cause it was going to be the boys’ first night at home without mama,” he said. “I didn’t want to bring in her remains at the time.”

It is a decision Archer now regrets. He went outside Saturday morning and the ashes were missing from the back of the Jeep parked outside their home on Northwest Kings Boulevard.

Archer's vehicle outside his home

“It’s kind of like having a broken heart and someone ripping it out and stepping on it again,” Archer said.

Archer looked everywhere. Friends and family did, too. But the remains of his wife, a retired Marine, were gone.

“I don’t believe there was any malicious intent to take her from us,” he said.

Archer believes it was a crime of opportunity because the boxed ashes were wrapped in a pair of jeans that are also missing. Regardless, Archer wants his wife’s remains returned. Archer is a veteran himself. He and his wife had plans to be buried together someday.

“Our eternity’s been changed,” he said.

Anyone with information about the case is urged to contact the Corvallis Police Department. A big search for the remains is scheduled for Friday. For more information you are asked to call the American Legion in Albany.