Meet Apollo – the Tukwila Police Department’s friendliest new K9 officer.

An undercover narcotics detective in Tukwila convinced the City’s police chief to hire the department’s first K9 officer, Apollo. Since he started this year, he's quickly won over the hearts of the department.

"He's a social butterfly. He comes in everyday in the office, and he goes into everybody’s office to say good morning, " said the detective.

Apollo is trained to sniff out marijuana, cocaine, heroin, and methamphetamine. Right now, he works at area post offices to sniff out marijuana that is being shipped out illegally.

"So far this year, he's found a little over $355,000 and 30 pounds of narcotics,” the detective said. “He's been successful, but as always there’s more work to be done. But he's good at what he does. There's no doubt about that. "

It was an unlikely path for a Pitbull who was abandoned.

"He was pound dog,” the detective said. “He came from the shelter.”

With a little training Apollo finished first in his training class last November.

The department posted Apollo's story on their Facebook page. It went viral. Someone from the community built Apollo a bed, and families from the area have lined up to meet him

"There's always got to be the first right and so that's the first right there he is,” the detective said. “We still have a lot of learn but we're getting there."