HILLSBORO, Ore. – The man arrested in an alleged dog abuse incident caught on camera at a Hillsboro gas station pleaded not guilty.

Willam Abbe was arrested late Tuesday night at 1075 SE Baseline Street, according to Hillsboro police.

Abbe pleaded not guilty to second-degree animal abuse, carrying a concealed weapon, felon in possession and violation of a release agreement.

During his Thursday court hearing, Abbe loudly said, "No animals were harmed in the making of this video!"

A witness, Sunshine Alexandria, says she saw a man abusing his dog, then started recording. She posted the video on her Facebook page, and it has since been shared more than 10,000 times.

Watch: Owner throws dog to ground at Hillsboro gas station (Warning: Disturbing)

The incident happened Monday afternoon at the Shell gas station on Southeast Baseline Street and 3rd Avenue.

“There’s a guy beating his dog and yelling at it for not listening to him,” Alexandria told KGW. “The dog wouldn’t walk with him, that’s why he was yelling at it.”

The video shows a man, who police say is Abbe, swing the dog around on the leash, take him to the ground, and it appears The man hits the dog as it’s on the ground. He then curses and yells at the dog to “do its job.” The dog’s cry is audible.

"The dog wasn’t doing anything wrong and I love animals and it was heartbreaking to see that,” Alexandria said.

She said the worst of it occurred before she started recording.

“When he came in, you could sense his presence. He was angry. He was picking up his dog by the leash, off the ground, slammed his dog on the ground and was kicking it in the ribs and punching it in the ribs for not walking by his side.”

Alexandria said she later asked the clerk to do something but she was ignored. She said she feared for her safety.

"I'm just trying to make sure he couldn't see me recording because he was really scary and just angry...who knows what he would do."

Police took the dog, Darnell, to a veterinarian to be examined. He will be in protective custody until the case is resolved. Darnell is "doing fine," police said.

Darnell with veterinarians