The pit bull who attacked a Chihuahua mix dog near the Springwater Trail is in quarantine.

A GoFundMe page has been set up for the injured dog's medical expenses.


Original story from April 11, 2017

PORTLAND, Ore. -- A little dog and a woman are recovering after a pit bull attacked them near the Springwater trail in Southeast Portland's Lents neighborhood on Sunday afternoon.

Jenna Barganski said she was walking with her mom and dogs on the multi-purpose trail near the Springwater Trail in Southeast Portland.

When they passed a homeless camp, she said an off-leash pit bull mix jumped out of a tent and attacked her Chihuahua mix, “Beowulf.”

“It went straight for my small dog,” said Barganski. “His leg was severely mangled.”
Jenna's mom tried to step in, the dog bit her hand.

“It's a pretty severe bite puncture wound,” said Jaryl Barganski. “I have eight stitches, it's pretty swollen and painful.”

Eventually the pit bull let go and Jenna rushed Beowulf to the vet, thankful he survived. Doctors operated on Beowulf and were able to save his front, right leg. She said the surgery would cost close to $6,000.

“It's just horrifying to know that there's' a dangerous animal out there,” said Jaryl. “Those dogs need to be leashed. so others can feel safe.”

Jenna reported the attack to Multnomah County Animal Control, who told KGW they tried to but could not find the pit bull on Monday. They planned to go back and look more, this week.
KGW found the pit bull at the camp. It was on a leash. Friends of the owner told KGW the Chihuahua had gotten into the a “tug of war,” with the pit bull.

The Barganskis said they have compassion for the homeless community and have nothing against pit bulls, having owned some themselves. They said they just want all dog owners to keep their pets on leashes to protect others.

“I don't feel safe walking my animals in the neighborhood anymore which is unfortunate because everyone else in Portland can do that.,” said Jenna.