PORTLAND, Ore. – Sung-Surin, a 34-year-old Asian elephant at the Oregon Zoo, has tested positive for tuberculosis, a zoo spokesman said Thursday.

Sung-Surin means “sunshine” in Thai, and zoo staff call the elephant “Shine.”

“Shine has not shown any signs of illness, and with the proper medical care we’re optimistic that she never will,” said zoo veterinarian Dr. Tim Storms.

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Multnomah County health officials plan to work with the zoo to ensure visitors are not at risk.

No other elephants in Shine’s herd have tested positive for tuberculosis. Shine will be isolated during the first part of her treatment and all the elephants will be tested again for TB, zoo officials say.

In February, Oregon Zoo elephant Packy was euthanized after a long battle with TB. Storms said the zoo had no more options for treating the 55-year-old elephant.

The zoo has treated two other elephants, Tusko and Rama, for TB.