BATTLE GROUND, Wash. -- Delilah the pig is one of the more than 100 animals that live at NW Love All Animal Rescue in Battle Ground.

“She can sense seizures coming on,” said Tracy Nichols, who runs the rescue.

But unfortunately Delilah’s family didn't want her.

“The child didn't want a pig. They wanted a dog,” she said.

So Delilah made the rescue her home and joined about 100 other animals that also needed help.

“We're an all domesticated animals rescue. So we do from livestock to exotic pets,” said Nichols.

But bad news came late last week. Nichols, who for years has tried to help animals, got notice she was being foreclosed on. The notice went unseen because she said it was posted on a door she never uses. Nichols was supposed to be out of her home on Monday. Now she's scrambling to get her stuff moved out and her animals into another home.

“I'm doing the best I can with these animals and I'm just asking for help,” Nichols said through tears.

Animals that need homes include geese, goats, chickens, cats, rabbits, peacocks, pigs, and ponies. All the animals need to go.

Animals are in need of homes from NW Love All Animal Rescue

“It breaks my heart that I was unable to save this place and I just want these animals in the best environment as possible since I'm not able to provide it anymore,” said Nichols.

She said a fall at work, then a car accident, left her disabled. She had to close her pet grooming service, and her thrift store that funded the rescue. Because of all that, she's been unable to pay her mortgage and take care of her animals.

“They're my responsibility and this is very hard,” she said.

Nichols said she doesn't know what's in store for her next. She said all her money went toward buying a trailer so she can have a roof over her head.

Nichols has also taken in lizards, tarantulas and dogs. People have already agreed to take in those animals.

As for the animals that still have yet to be adopted, she said she'll stay for as long as it takes to get every animal into a home.

If you would like to adopt an animal, visit the NW Love All Animal Rescue Facebook page.