A gray whale with a metal frame stuck to its head and neck may now be struggling past the Oregon coast on a northward migration to Alaska.

The whale was first spotted in Southern California water in early April.

**ALERT UPDATE: RESIGHT! ENTANGLED GRAY WHALE (metal frame on head) was resighted at 2pm yesterday, four miles off Half...

Posted by American Cetacean Society - Los Angeles Chapter (ACS/LA) on Tuesday, April 11, 2017

The metal, which appears to be digging into the whale, may be part of a frame used to suspend oyster or mussel growing beds, according to a report in the Eugene Register Guard.

“It looks like (the whale is) bridled, with the metal under the chin and around its head,” Bruce Mate, one of the world’s leading whale researchers at the Hatfield Marine Science Center in Newport told the newspaper.

It was last seen off San Simeon. The Register Guard reported the whale should have been sighted off Monterey Bay by April 7 but it wasn't. If it has survived, it should be off the Oregon coast in early May.

If you see it, stay at a discrete distance. Take photos and video. Note the location, speed and behavior. Time the duration of dives and see if it's alone.

Call NOAA’s entanglement reporting hotline at 877-767-9425 with any details

Watch a video of the whale.