SILVERTON, Ore. -- A dog rescue in Silverton is struggling after a fire. The flames killed three farm animals and damaged supplies for 21 dogs.

Tammy Lalack woke up to her dogs barking like they never had before. There was a fire in the barn.

“By the time I got out to my goats the whole area was in flames and I couldn't see them,” she said with tears streaming down her face.

Tammy saved five calves but the fire killed one calf before she got there. Two goats she loved also died.

“They are like my kids all the animals out here are like my kids.”

Eleven dogs and 10 puppies live at Woods Creek Pit Bull Rescue. Tammy says she helps fund her rescue by growing and selling vegetables and eggs from her chickens, but the fire took out farm equipment and the chicken coop. It also ruined dog food and blankets to keep them warm.

On Thursday people were already showing up to donate supplies and volunteering to pitch in.

“I brought a truck full of dog food, puppy food, trash bags, and on Sunday we are bringing a bunch of building materials.” Said MarciAnn Yantz.

A Gofundme page is raising money for the rescue.