SEATTLE - A significant stretch of Washington railway is shutdown. Landslides have forced BNSF to close tracks between Portland, Oregon and Everett, Washington.

All Amtrak Cascades service between Seattle and Portland is canceled, with no alternate transportation. Normally scheduled operations will continue south of Portland to Eugene, Oregon, and north of Everett to Vancouver, B.C.

BNSF Railway placed a 48-hour moratorium on the tracks. All rail traffic is suspended until Saturday.

It's a common policy not to allow passenger rail traffic 48 hours after a slide is cleared.

Diane Blake lives in Bellingham, Washington, and was in Portland to see two plays. She arrived at the train station Friday morning, only to find out, her train was canceled.

“You guys just got a big dump of snow. We just got a big dump of snow in our area. And that's why I though well? I'll take the train. Because driving is too unpredictable. You just can’t predict even the unpredictable!" she laughed.

Empire Builder and Coast Starlight service is also impacted, with no alternate transportation at this time.

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