PORTLAND, Ore. – Protesters who planned to demonstrate against Mayor Charlie Hales’ “March of Hope” said they would take to the streets anyway despite the mayor canceling the Tuesday afternoon march.

Their plans were apparently short-lived, however, after heavy rain moved into the Portland area.

Protesters gathered at Waterfront Park at 3 p.m., but began to leave an hour later. They said the weather was too nasty, and noted there may be more rallies Thursday and Friday, according to KGW's Mike Benner.

The activist group Portland's Resistance accused Hales of hypocrisy when he scheduled the march, because he had previously declared that the time for protests was over. The group planned to participate by showing up at the rally, but refusing to march.

"Mayor Hales and the Portland Police have consistently perpetuated America’s tragic tradition of assaulting peaceful protestors," said organizers of the We Won't March rally.

Three protesters, including Portland's Resistance leader Greg McKelvey, were arrested Monday night after they joined a rally organized by Portland Public Schools students. Police said the three had been actively encouraging students to disobey officers' orders.

McKelvey claimed Hales orchestrated his arrest after he declined an invitation to the March of Hope.

A mayor’s office spokesman said that accusation was unfounded.

"Hales canceled his march today because he couldn't find any ways to keep me and supporters there [in jail]," McKelvey said. "Regardless, I'll see everyone in the streets this afternoon after court."

McKelvey and two other protesters were not charged during Tuesday’s court hearing, but could be charged at a later time.