PORTLAND, Ore. -- Minister John Shuck calls it “a metaphorical shower" at the end of an election season that seems to have so many playing dirty.

“It’s been so mean,” said Minister John Shuck. “Partisanship is natural, but there’s just a level of lowness that this election has felt for so many people.”

The suggested solution?

An Election Eve Service, to be held at 7 p.m. Monday at Southminster Presbyterian Church at 12250 Southwest Denney Road.

The first event of its kind, it’s the brain child of a group of religious leaders from five local churches, including the Cedar Hills United Church of Christ, Christ United Methodist Church, Murray Hills Christian Church and Spirit of Grace.

“We just need a chance to decompress, get out of battle mode, come together,” Shuck said.

“Because people within the congregations, between congregations in the country, they feel divided. So, it’s time to get a bigger picture on things, time to be a human being again.”

Following his church's motto, Shuck said all are welcome, no matter how you vote.

“I think that we always need to be able to have a sense of spiritual practices that enable us to be centered, whether that’s meditation or a long walk in the woods or just listening to friends and having an open conversation and getting off Twitter and Facebook for a little bit of time,” Shuck said.

“To make that human connection, I think that’s always important.”