A 3-year-old girl from Silsbee earned the right to wear a cape, Joze-lynn kern is a real life superhero.

After noticing her 2-week old brother not breathing, she was quick to notify her parents.

The baby brother was quickly transported to the Baptist hospital in Beaumont.

Doctors say that if it wasn't for the fast response of Joze-lynn and her parent’s it probably would have been a different outcome.

She can't turn invisible nor fly, but the 3-year-old is a living superhero.

“He was dying, he couldn't breathe or anything,” says Joze-lynn.

She saved her baby brother Kayson from almost suffocating.

“She came in and said Kayson had stopped breathing, it scared me to death,” her grandmother Pam Chance says.

And after Joze-lynn's reaction to her parents, a big relief to the family.

“He gasped for air,” explains Autumn Kern, mother of the children.

“If it wasn't for my daughter, he wouldn't be here today,” she says.

“With young infants, there's a thing called reflux, food comes up from their tummy and if it comes up too high, it can cut off their breathing,” says Director of Pediatrics at Baptist, Regan Sciarrilla.

It's a special bond between baby brother and big sister, what helped Kayson recover his lost breath.

“Not only does he have a big sister, he's got a big hero,” their mother explains.