Originally published on Sept. 15, 2010:

PORTLAND -- Mayor-elect Sam Adams on Monday named Commissioner Dan Saltzman to head the Portland Police Bureau.

Adams said he arrived at the decision "after careful consideration" and believes Saltzman will serve the city with distinction.

Adams cited Saltzman's "steady hand" and said his portfolio would be limited to ensure that Portland has a "near full-time police commissioner in a way a mayor could never provide."

Adams identified social factors including drop-out rates and population growth that he expected Saltzman to focus on as city priorities.

"In his unassuming but forceful way Commissioner Saltzman's decade of accomplishments and passion for the personal welfare of those in need make him a great fit for police oversight," Adams said in a press release.

Portland's mayor has traditionally served as police commissioner. But Adams has decided the job is one requiring full-time commitment, citing such in his announcement of Saltzman Monday.

Adams said Saltzman's portfolio would be limited to priorities facing the police bureau. The mayor also announced he would lead the city's Office of Emergency Management in order to remain "engaged in law enforcement oversight."

Saltzman said Adams would hit the ground running as mayor in 2009 and needed to focus his energies on other priorities.

"At this time the city needs a mayor who can focus on jobs, economic development and pressing infrastructure issues," Saltzman said.

The new commissioner also said he would focus his agenda on some of the root issues that lead to crime, including child abuse and domestic violence.

Saltzman also said he would focus on gang-related crime, consumer fraud and neighborhood safety.

Just last week Portland Commissioner Randy Leonard had been considered a top contender to serve in the Adams administration.

But Leonard pulled his name out of contention Wednesday after an ongoing dispute with Police Chief Rosie Sizer.

Police union president Robert King speculated that Chief Sizer would have retired if Leonard had been chosen commissioner.