We're exactly one month away from Super Bowl 51. The game is coming to Houston February 5th and you can bet lots of celebrities will be here.

There's a big demand among the rich and famous to rent out high-dollar homes instead of staying in hotels.

"What makes this place so appealing for the Super Bowl is just how amazing it is,” said Nancy Almodovar, Nan & Company Properties’ CEO and President.

If you're looking for glamor, space to unwind and a sweet Super Bowl view this is it. A 5,000 square foot penthouse boasting five bedrooms.

The luxury high-rise rents for $30,000 a night and guests can rent for a week at the minimum. 

"We have different individuals calling us from celebrities to entrepreneurs,” said Almodovar. “They call us because they definitely don't want to stay in a hotel, they don't want to have to deal with the crowds."

It’s so exclusive we can only tell you it's near the Galleria.

"This is the master bedroom, the wife liked soothing colors,” said Laurie Coton, President of Consilium Home.

Another property being rented out, is a home in the Memorial area with a tennis court and big backyard pool.

"When people think of Houston I don't think in real estate they realize that we have these amazing luxury homes and luxury penthouses that they need to come and see," said Almodovar.

However, the price for some of us might be hard to swallow, $30,000 dollars a night for properties like these.

"It's a great entertaining area,” said Coton.

But for a view of NRG Stadium for the big game, why not?

"We are really excited to have the Super Bowl here in Houston and be able to show off our city,” said Almodovar.

For more information on some of the properties being rented out for the Super Bowl, click here.