GLADSTONE, Ore. -- Seattle Mayor Ed Murray's resignation Tuesday, after a new allegation of sexual abuse, was good news for Gladstone resident Jeff Simpson.

“I am just so happy,” said Simpson, 49, one the first people to publicly accuse Murray of sexual abuse. “I’m just so relieved.”

Simpson said Murray abused him over several years during his youth. He said the abuse began when Simpson was a boy living in a center for troubled youth in Portland, where Murray volunteered.

Simpson was one of five men who, over the past five months, accused Murray of sexual abuse. Simpson credited his faith for the measure of justice he felt on Tuesday, something he’d longed for since he was a teen.

“Prayers have been answered,” said Simpson.

The most recent abuse allegations against Murray came from a man claiming to be Murray's cousin. Murray denied any wrong doing, the way he denied all past abuse claims.

In a statement released Tuesday, Murray said in part, "while the allegations against me are not true, it is important that my personal issues do not affect the ability of our city government to conduct the public's business."

“He has been lying to everybody,” said Simpson. “I don't know what else anybody needs to show that… the mayor you elected is a child molester.”

“It's heartbreaking,” said Simpson’s wife, Janice Simpson. She hoped anyone who'd ever doubted her husband's claims would change their mind and that Murray would change his response.

“Apologize!” Said Janice Simpson. “Do something, say something to your victims that will help them move on.”

Jeff Simpson said he believes there are more alleged victims who are either too afraid or too ashamed to step forward. He hoped the Mayor’s resignation, effective Wednesday at 5 p.m., would help empower them.

“We do believe you and we are here for you,” said Simpson, who also had a message for Murray.

“Ed, do yourself a favor, please, and just admit to what has happened,” said Simpson. “You know what you have done. It's not a secret anymore.”