PORTLAND, Ore. -- An RV illegally parked off Northeast Alberta Street was towed to a private lot on Monday.

Both of the two men living in it have had warrants out for their arrest.

One, Jordan Bilyeu, was arrested Thursday. But Saturday night he was back at what he says is his own version of a "tiny house."

On Monday, the RV was towed to a lot two blocks away from where it was, but the men said they received permission from the owners to keep it there.

Later Monday, Michael Patterson, the second man living in the RV, was arrested for his outstanding warrant.

Leah Clause, who complained about the RV to authorities, says the Clackamas County Jail told her Bilyeu was released because of overcrowding in the jail. Bilyeu says he was simply given a new court date and was then free to go.

Bilyeu said he doesn't have to live here. But he wanted to push boundaries and create tolerance.

"I started doing this because I could," he said.

The RV was parked right next to Clause's property. She wondered why it's been so difficult to get the RV out her neighborhood and said she was not alone.

"There's several people in the neighborhood who want to know why it isn't gone, why it can't be towed immediately," she said.

Last Friday, the city posted a notice on the RV saying it had to be moved in 72 hours or it would be towed.

Bilyeu seems to wonder why there's so much concern about what he's doing. He said he's not a threat to anyone.

"Physically, absolutely not."