PORTLAND, Ore. -- Monday morning began a silver thaw in the greater Portland area. It was more silver than thaw on the east side of town.

Ice coated nearly every sidewalk.

Several people fell, including Lonnie Johnson who said his feet went out from under him so fast he cracked his head on the pavement.

“I went in to the store to get a cup of coffee and ah came out and slipped on the sidewalk and bounced my head about a foot off the ground and I got a concussion I think,” he said.

His boss sent him home from work. Lonnie decided to get his head checked out at the hospital.

”A guy in a car helped me up. I didn’t even know where I was at for a minute so, it’s pretty icy out here on these sidewalks,” he said.

So who is responsible for clearing ice in front of homes and businesses?

According to the Portland City Code, you are if you live there or occupy the building. Here’s what it says:

“… Owner and/or occupant of land adjacent to any street in the city shall be responsible for snow and ice removal…”

It also points out you will be the one who pays if someone gets hurt because you did not remove the snow or ice, “…shall be liable for any and all damages…”

(Portland City Code 17.28.025)