PORTLAND, Ore. -- Online shopping is getting more and more popular every year, but that highlights major security risks for shoppers who are prioritizing Cyber Monday over Black Friday.

Cyber security expert Travis Smith, with the company Tripwire, says shoppers need to pay close attention to the sites they are buying from.

“Making sure you are going to encrypted websites. So that is, if you look at the website, for example, Amazon.com, it should be starting with ‘https’. That 's' is the critical part. That means that it’s a secure connection,” he said.

Smith says if the site is not secure, do not use it.

He also cautioned against using one password for multiple sites. If crooks get your password from a site that's easy to hack, they'll use it on others that have your credit card information.

“You sign up for a local bike forum for hiking or biking...whatever it would be. They have no security and you’re using that same password, that they got attacked for, on your bank website. Or Amazon. They're just going to reuse those across every popular website to try to get in."

When it comes to getting your package shipped, consider using ups hold or FedEx hold. They'll keep the package at their office until you go to get it.

Or you can have it delivered to a secure site, like an Amazon locker -- just keep it off your porch and away from crooks.