SANDY, Ore. A newly married Sandy, Oregon couple celebrating their honeymoon in the Dominican Republic finds themselves stranded until Hurricane Maria passes.

Tyson and Taylor Guillory married on September 8th, and left on their dream honeymoon four days later, staying at Sanctuary Cap Cana.

They were supposed to come back home Thursday but their flight was cancelled as Hurricane Maria pushes towards the Dominican Republic. Maria is expected to hit Wednesday night.

“We were sitting on the beach, we noticed the lounge chairs around the pool disappear, the bars shut down early, and they started boarding up all the windows,” said Tyson, a Gresham firefighter. “We are in it for the long-haul.”

The new couple says they have packed up, just in case they have to evacuate, but for now, are staying put.

“It’s been surreal I guess,” said Tyson. “It’s just starting to hit us, now that the weather is starting to change and get bad.”

They couple is ready to watch the wind and the rain, before they can come home, with a story of a trip they will certainly never forget.

“I just have to trust that everything’s going to be fine, we have never been a part of a hurricane, so we don't know what to expect,’ said Taylor. “That's the main concern, but we're kind of excited to have a little adventure!”

“Everybody’s saying, if you can get through a hurricane, you can get though anything,” said Tyson.

“If you can get through a hurricane, you can get though anything.” A Gresham Professional Firefighters Local 1062 firefighter and his bride are celebrating their honeymoon in the Dominican Republic - and #HurricaneMaria is coming their way! The airline is making them reschedule their flight, so for now, they have to wait it out!

Posted by KGW's Rachael Rafanelli on Wednesday, September 20, 2017