FOREST GROVE, Ore. – Forest Grove firefighters on Monday continued to warn the public about flooded roads, as Fern Hill Road remained closed due to extremely high water.

On Sunday firefighters rescued a family of four adults, two kids, and two dogs, when the family van got stuck in the floodwaters on Fern Hill Road.

On Feb. 9, firefighters rescued a man whose SUV was submerged on the same road. Firefighters used a boat to save him. Their message to drivers: "Turn around. Don’t drown."

Tigard man rescued after driving on flooded road

“The road could erode away, you literally could drive off the road,” said Forest Grove firefighter Matt Johnston. "It’s good to pay attention to stuff like that and not drive through it."

There is also a continued Washington County flood warning for the Tualatin River at Farmington Road. Several other area roads are closed for damage or for flooding.

Near Forest Grove, crews continue to replace the old Gales Creek Bridge with a brand new one. It’s a couple feet taller than the old bridge, which was eroding. That project should be completed by May.