PORTLAND, Ore. -- Understanding prevention and treatment prepares us to fight a condition that touches one in every eight women.

With generous support from Providence Cancer Institute, KGW LiveWell is celebrating survivors and inspire hope.

Controllable Risk Factors

Certain lifestyle factors can increase the risk of getting breast cancer, including:

  • Drinking alcohol
  • Being overweight or obese
  • Physical inactivity
  • Hormone therapy after menopause

Cancer Risk Assessment

Although less than 10 percent of cancers are inherited, it can be a factor. Providence Cancer Center can identify personal cancer risk factors and make recommendations based on:

  • Medical history and lifestyle factors
  • Family history of cancer before age 50, rare cancers, or multiple cancers -genetic testing
  • A personalized set of recommended cancer screening tests
  • Strategies to reduce cancer risk

About Providence Breast Centers

The Providence Breast Centers provide a compassionate, comforting environment where every patient receives personalized attention and care. Our team of expert health care professionals strives to meet each patient’s medical and emotional needs.

At the heart of our care is the patient’s individual preferences through treatment, rehabilitation services, and the use of integrative medicine to enhance the quality of life.

Providence Cancer Support Services

Receiving a diagnosis of cancer can cause expected and normal emotional distress. Our team of professional oncology social workers and nurse navigators -helps cancer patients and their families before, during and after treatment.

Providence Cancer Support Services are provided at no charge to Providence cancer patients and their families:

  • Practical assistance with housing, transportation and filing for medication -Assistance with disability claims
  • Help in communicating with members of the health care team
  • Support and referrals for family members
  • Cancer support groups
  • Cancer-specific information, referrals and lending libraries
  • Access to other resources within Providence and the greater community

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