A California man wants you to know that though you may be growing tired of the ALS ice bucket challenges on your Facebook wall, they are making a huge difference for people with the disease.

Anthony Carbajal shot his silly, risque ice bucket video, which he calls "probably the most embarrassing thing" he has ever done.

But he did it because ALS runs in his family. And he was diagnosed five months ago.

"Right now my hands are starting to atrophy," he explains in his video. "Eventually I won't be able to use my arms or hands, walk, talk or breathe on my own. That's the truth about what ALS is."

In his tearful 4-minute video, he says if you're annoyed by the challenge, your Facebook feed will clear up soon. But for now let this devastating disease have some time in the spotlight.

He says every single video is making a difference and it lights up his life, along with every other person with the disease.

Watch the video (contains some graphic language)