Cedar Wright is a professional rock climber known for impressive first ascents and daring expeditions around the world. Recently, however, he’s been focused on flying off of mountains instead of climbing them.

From the ground, it’s hard to tell that Wright only started paragliding two years ago. From the sky, he doesn’t look like a beginner either.

Join Wright and professional paraglider Matt Henzi for a stunning flight over Oregon in the video below.

{"type":"video","provider_url":"https://www.youtube.com/","thumbnail_height":360,"url":"http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1ZsjI9QgWd8","width":480,"thumbnail_width":480,"author_name":"VRtually There","height":270,"author_url":"https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCSIgn1BzT9oD5E3pk9ceKvg","thumbnail_url":"https://i.ytimg.com/vi/1ZsjI9QgWd8/hqdefault.jpg","html":"\n&#lt;iframe width=\" 480\" height=\"270\" src=\"https://www.youtube.com/embed/1ZsjI9QgWd8?feature=oembed\" frameborder=\"0\" allowfullscreen=\"allowfullscreen\"&#gt;&#lt;/iframe&#gt;\n","title":"Glide above Oregon’s beautiful wilderness with Cedar Wright and Matt Henzi in VR","version":"1.0","provider_name":"YouTube"}

This isn’t the first time the pair has spent time in the air together. Last year they launched off of Pico de Orizaba, the highest mountain in Mexico. Today, they opt for Pine Mountain, a notable paragliding destination nestled in Deschutes National Forest.

The area has great conditions for long distance flights, and the duo’s goal is to stay airborne for as long as possible.

Enjoy the wild views above Oregon!

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