Whether you're big or small, a lot of people are getting out and having a blast this Halloween weekend.

Hundreds of people stopped by the Mt. Scott Halloween party for some family friendly fun.

"This is our little Pikachu. I've finally caught her. I've been after her for many, many seasons now," said Will Patterson who brought his family. They were all dressed as characters from Pokemon.

In Downtown Portland adults had their fun too. People dressed up as everything from Cleopatra to Batman and Robin, to flowers.

"We got plants versus zombies," explained Doug Silton who was at the Crystal Ballroom's Halloween bash with his wife Nicki and friends.

With so many people out and about on Halloween weekend, police want folks to keep in mind that if you're drinking, don't drive. There are many options to get home safe, like grabbing a cab, or taking an Uber or Lyft. There's also a third option.

"We don't drink so that's the number one thing," said a man who identified himself as Lucky Rebal.

On Saturday, Portland Police announced they had teamed up with Lyft and were offering a promotion. If riders used the code "SAFERIDEPDX" they could get five dollars off their fare.

This year Uber has rolled out a new feature that will help their riders. It's called Upfront Fares.
During peak hours, pricing goes up, but now you'll be able to see exactly what you'll be charged before agreeing to the ride.