PORTLAND, Ore. -- A grandfather escaped his burning home at near Northeast 9th Avenue and Mason Street early Wednesday morning.

Calls came in about 4:30 a.m. of a fire in the living room. Flames quickly spread to the second story of the home. The man was able to escape, and yelled for help.

His grandson Dexteur Lesueur was sleeping next door, and heard the yelling. He ran outside, found his grandfather on the porch, then, ran inside the burning home to make sure his grandmother was not inside.

“I ran in from the living room to the kitchen, yelling for my grandmother, to see if she was alight," he said. “It was scary but the main thing is making sure my people are all right.”

His wife told him his grandmother was staying with another family member, nearby. The grandfather suffered some smoke inhalation but is going to be okay, his family says.

A fire investigator will determine the cause of the fire.