For most kids, birthdays are less about the love their family gives to them on their special day, and more about the gifts they get to play with for the next new months.

But for one girl, the love she gets from her family is what she wants to spread to the community.

Last year, 5-year-old Ava told her parents she wanted to give $5 of her birthday money to charity. Both her mom and dad were taken aback and offered to match her $5 donation, soon matched by both of her grandparents and also her big brother.

As the matching donations grew, Ava's parents began looking into various charity options to donate the money. The 5-year-old settled on the taking the money raised and shopping for food for families that are unable to afford their own and donate the purchased food to a St. Louis-area food collection program for kids.

In all, Ava and her family raised over $5,000 for families in need.

This year, Ava wants to celebrate her sixth birthday in style. Her charity donation, called Ava's $5 Challenge, has even higher goals for 2016.

Ava told her parents she plans to use all of the money raised to give Christmas presents for kids at St. Louis Children's Hospital. Ava and her family are hoping they can double the goal she had for her birthday, raising a $10,000 goal on GoFundMe.

If you would like to donate to Ava's wish list, click here.