KALAMA, Wa – A landslide is blocking Kalama River Road near Italian Creek Road. It came crashing down on Wednesday.

Eric Rosgen had to hike from his house to a truck, because the landslide blocked his driveway.

“The last couple of years its been pretty dangerous. With the landslides and the snow this year, its been treacherous,” he said. “This is as close as its been and it’s scary.”

Neighbors say the landslide affects more than 140 families, some lost power for 12 hours.

“I didn't have as much water as I’d like but, you know, make sure you have your generator, gas, food and water," said Rosgen.

Crews told KGW it was unclear when the slide would be cleaned up. It was still being assessed on Thursday morning.

At Camp Kalama, a campground and RV Park, it’s not mud, but water that’s a problem. The Kalama River is pushed to the limit, and water covers some of the campsites.

Aaron Babcock thought he might have to evacuate.

“The slide brought some trees down, it was really going fast yesterday," he said. “It was pretty close, we had to watch it close. It got a little panicky!”