WARRENTON, Ore. — The Coast Guard rescued a 59-year-old man who injured his arm near the Umpqua River jetty outside of Winchester Bay Sunday morning.

The man contacted watchstanders from his 29-foot pleasure craft, reporting that he injured his arm after being hit by a wave.

The arm injury was severe, the Coast Guard reported. The fisherman was eventually transported to local urgent care.

“This man was the only person on the boat and losing excessive blood,” said Petty Officer 2nd Class Richard Smith, coxswain of the boat that recovered the injured man. “Based on the severity of his injuries, we were the fastest and most reliable response crew to get him to the medical treatment he needed.”

A Station Umpqua River 47-foot motor life boat crew launched, arrived on scene and removed the injured man from his vessel.

A second Station Umpqua River MLB crew launched to retrieve the pleasure craft and towed it back to the station.