GEARHART, Ore. -- Police in this Oregon coast town say fireworks were the reason a truck caught fire the night of July Fourth.

Gearhart resident Rich Adams says he heard explosions around 11 p.m. and saw fireworks launching into the air. He then saw what appeared to be a small fire in a backyard.

That fire, which he caught on cam, ended up being a truck engulfed in flames on Pine Ridge Road.

This is pretty crazy! Rich Adams recorded this video in Gearhart last night.. in his neighborhood. Gearhart Police tell me the driver was from out of town, and told police he had fireworks in the back of the truck that somehow caught fire... Neighbors told police the driver was lighting illegal fireworks with friends when this happened. Everyone is ok... except for the truck. Yikes.

Posted by KGW's Rachael Rafanelli on Wednesday, July 5, 2017

“It started getting bigger, we went out on the street, and the truck had caught fire," said Adams. "Pretty quickly it was fully engulfed."

He says first responders were there in minutes, and it didn’t appear that anyone was hurt.

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Police Chief Jeffrey Bowman confirms that fireworks started the fire, and says the driver is from Puyallup, Wash.

He says the driver told him fireworks in the back of the truck somehow they caught fire. The damage to the truck is so severe, police can't tell if the fireworks were legal or illegal.

Neighbors told police the driver and friend were setting off illegal fireworks. No arrests were made as the police could not determine for certain who ignited the fireworks.

The driver told police he had no idea how the fire started and had pulled off into the neighborhood to try to put out the flames.

“It was a little more excitement than we are used to out here,” said Adams. “People drive into our neighborhood looking for the beach, and they can’t get to it from where we live, exactly. But they apparently stopped, and started to have a party in the back of their truck.”