TUALATIN, Ore. – A local high school student could win a prestigious international science contest, and you can help her.

Tualatin High School senior Ashley Slater entered into the Breakthrough Junior Challenge, an annual competition for students to inspire creative thinking about science.

Slater’s project focuses on a new method to calculate the Doppler effect of noise.

“A train blows past you and you noticed that as the train got closer to you, the pitch of the train horn sounded higher. As it went away from you, you noticed that the train horn sounded lower. This is known as the Doppler effect.”

Watch Slater’s full video on Facebook

Out of 2,500 submitted videos, Slater’s was one of 30 chosen to advance to the semifinals.

Now, Slater needs your help to advance to the final round of judging. Votes are calculated based on the number of reactions and shares on Facebook. Voting ends Nov. 9.

If Slater wins, she’ll get a $250,000 scholarship, her teacher will be awarded a $50,000 prize and Tualatin High School will get a $100,000 grant. The winner will be announced on Dec. 4.