PORTLAND, Ore. – The Portland Public Schools board unanimously passed a resolution Thursday that focuses on protecting undocumented students.

Resolution No. 5363 also outlined procedures related to Immigration Control Enforcement (ICE) activity in PPS schools.

“In the wake of the Presidential election and the heated rhetoric surrounding it, there has been a great deal of worry and concern about family stability and safety throughout our community,” said PPS Board Director Julie Esparza Brown. “We are taking this action today to send a message to all PPS families that regardless of their background or status, this District will do everything it can to protect all kids and their families in our schools.”

The resolution requires ICE to notify the Superintendent and General Counsel, in person, before entering PPS property so that staff can provide emotional and physical safety for students. ICE personnel must also provide a written notice from the agency instructing them to enter district property, as well as a reason for entering school property.

PPS will work with staff on how to respond to ICE personnel requesting information about students and families. The district will also develop procedures for notifying families about ICE efforts to gain information about students and families. The plan will also address how to support students whose family members have been displaced by ICE.

Read the full resolution here