Oregon Episcopal School, in Southwest Portland, is no stranger to earning accolades.

The institution regularly fields praise from proud alumni, many of whom go on to fruitful careers. It was revealed as the top private school in Oregon, based on criteria crunched by Pittsburgh-based researcher Niche, earlier this spring.

And, the school has made another list: It's one of the 25 esteemed facilities on the new roster of Oregon's Best K-12 Schools, released Tuesday by the Portland Business Journal.

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The designation pleases Mo Copeland, who's the head of the school. That said, the school doesn't activity pursue such successes.

"We are in good company with a number of truly extraordinary schools serving many students and families," Copeland said. "We, like many independent schools, choose not to submit data for the rankings as we feel the most important aspect of a school is its mission fit for the child and family."

Still, Oregon Episcopal joined 24 other education outlets on the newest list, which, in this case, examines the performance of all state schools, from kindergarten through 12th grade, be they public or private.

Pittsburgh-based researcher Niche bases its full rankings on U.S. Department of Education data and 60 million-plus K-12 school reviews. The full rankings are based on test scores and college data, along with "academic and student life data."

It also offers deeper profiles of each school locale, including information on nearby real estate trends, among other touches.

The schools are ultimately ranked on weighted rankings. The academics grade, which Niche bases on state assessment proficiency, SAT/ACT scores and survey responses, carries by far the most weight, at 60 percent.

Grades for culture and diversity, overall experience (both are based on surveys) and teacher proficiency carry 10 percent weights in the grade. The teacher grade is based on teacher salary, teacher absenteeism, state test results and student and parent survey responses.

Grades for health and safety, clubs and activities, facilities and sports each carry a 2.5 percent weight toward the total grade.

Among the batch of Oregon's top schools:

  • Ten are private.
  • Four are K-12 schools. Three offer classes for sixth- through 12th-graders while two offer classes for those between first- and eighth-grades.
  • Three on the list are public elementary schools serving kids between kindergarten and fifth grades.
  • Just seven schools on the list are based in Portland.

The top 25 schools in the Niche survey are revealed by clicking on the slide above.

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