PORTLAND, Ore. – A sticker reading “KKK Wants You” was posted in a boys’ bathroom at Roosevelt High School in Portland on Tuesday.

The message was on a 3-by-3-inch sticker and was seen by only one student Tuesday morning, according to Portland Public Schools spokesman Dave Northfield. The sticker also had an illustration of a person wearing a white sheet, and pointing at the reader.

Roosevelt High School administrators are investigating. Principal Filip Hristic said the sticker does not reflect the school's values.

“This hateful image is appalling and offensive, and has no place at Roosevelt High School or at any other Portland Public School,” he said. “We are actively investigating how this wound up in a boys’ bathroom at school this morning. We are committed to creating and maintaining a safe environment for every one of our students. This is particularly hurtful to our African American students, for whom this image is a symbol of hatred and violence.”

Administrators have interviewed the student who found the sticker. They are also reviewing video footage from the restroom entrance.

Editor's note: PPS initially said the hate speech was printed on a magnet, but later corrected their statement to say it was on a sticker.