PORTLAND, Ore. -- A teacher at Astor School in North Portland has been put on administrative leave after allegations that the teacher was behaving inappropriately with students.

Portland police said they received information about behavior by a teacher that could be considered criminal. The Youth Services Division and Child Abuse Team are investigating.

"I just saw a few police officers, the principal, the superintendent, the senior director meeting the teacher," student Peyton Grenz said.

Astor is a K-8 school.

The teacher has not been arrested or identified. The lack of details about the incident is concerning for some parents.

"As a parent, it's a little scary to have things like this happen, and not knowing the details, it seems a little weird," said Darrell Grenz. "It makes you think my kids shouldn't be here."

Portland Public Schools sent the following email to parents:

Dear Astor Families,

I wanted to let you know that we immediately placed a teacher on administrative leave today while the police are investigating a matter. While this is difficult, this is all the information that we can share right now as we cooperate with the police and their investigation.

Thank you,

Principal Newsome