There are some pretty bizarre requests related to the eclipse popping up on sites like Craigslist. People are willing to pay top dollar or trade things to get a boat, a plane, a car, really anything, to see this once-in-a-lifetime event.

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Some ads, are simply looking for love when the moon crosses the sun. An ad out of the San Francisco area went viral nationally before it was deleted. It read, "Wanted: Woman who wants to conceive a child during the total eclipse in Oregon."

The ad may have been fake, but the author wrote he was a 40-year-old man looking to share "cosmic energy aligned with the planets" with a woman who has beauty and smarts. Oh, and she must like cats. OK, moving on.

A Craigslist ad titled "Wanted woman who wants to conceive child during totality eclipse in OR"

Another man is offering an ounce of weed he most the state of Oregon legally allows an adult to have, for a car ride from his Garibaldi home on the coast to Salem, where he wants to spend a couple days in the path of totality, then ride back to Garibaldi.

"I am way excited, so, so excited," said Andrew. "So I figured I have a little extra weed on the side, so why don't I just throw a Craigslist in for someone who wants some weed to pick me up and drive me to there? I figured there'd probably be a few out there and oh man has there been!" Andrew said laughing.

He's gotten offers for RV, truck, even boat rides. But ultimately he struck a deal to donate that "sweet sticky icky," as he calls it in the ad, and head for the path of totality with a total stranger.

"Seeing this awesome event so high in the sky, you want to be high," Andrew said.

Andrew said he was just diagnosed with a brain tumor that could take his vision, and said seeing the eclipse from the path of darkness is on his bucket list. He didn't want to rely on his car breaking down, so he had to think of a way to entice people to drive him from Garibaldi to Salem

Another ad advertises a woman and her son flying into Portland International Airport and she wants to pay you to get her a full grocery list, five gallons of gas in a can, and drive them 15 minutes to where she'll pick up a private rental car.

A separate family is looking for a "nice boat and captain who wants to earn cash" by taking their family of nine down the Willamette River from Portland to see the eclipse.

The City of Antelope Volunteer Fire Department in Central Oregon is even getting in on the action. Desperate for medical and firefighter help, their ad on Craigslist asks medics to camp at their "prime viewing location", in exchange for help on 911 and fire calls.

Then there's Jamin Rice's ad.

"I just need to get a little airplane to fly me from one spot to another spot in the path of totality," he said.

KGW spoke with Rice over the phone from his home in Denali, Alaska. He's flying to PDX the morning of the eclipse.

"I was reading something online about how incredible it is to be in the path of totality and the effect it can have on people. Something clicked and I just knew I had to go do this," Rice said.

His ad is looking for a private pilot to fly him to Madras, wait while they watch the eclipse, then fly him back to PDX to catch a flight back to Alaska late that night.

"Renting an aircraft is obviously very expensive. But I had in mind anywhere from $1,000 to $2,000. For something that I'll be talking about when I'm a little old man, I think it's a small price to pay."

But since he hasn't gotten much response, and some of his friends have dropped out, he's thinking he'll have to honor his rental car reservation and battle the traffic to Madras the morning of the big show just like thousands of others. He says he has to try and get there in time.

"Everything happens for a reason. I'm counting my many blessings and if I don't get to see it, at least I will have tried."

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