SANDY, Ore. -- Truckers driving on Interstate 84 took action when they saw a visibly drunk driver stop his car on the freeway and get out to urinate all over the road.

A trucker and passenger witnessed the driver, later identified as 25-year-old Philip Ramirez of Sandy, weaving all over the freeway in the early morning hours of Tuesday, Oct. 18, according to Lt. Chad Gaidos with the Multnomah County Sheriff’s Office.

"I noticed him when we got on the freeway cause I was driving and he went by us normal," said Jeremy Fish, one of the truck drivers. "I didn't notice anything at that moment, we got another two miles down the road he was probably a quarter mile ahead of us. What you saw in the video, he was ahead of us and he got erratic in the lane."

Jeremy Fish called police while his passenger, Selena Fish, recorded video of the incident. The video was later posted on YouTube (Warning: Strong language throughout).

Another driver noticed the erratic driving and worked with Fish to keep traffic behind them and away from Ramirez's car.

"The other guy picked up on it too, he stayed back with us," Jeremy Fish said. "I honked the horn, recognized something was going on, we held traffic back there were a lot of cars and trucks behind us but we just stayed back and let him do his thing and finally he stopped."

Video shows Ramirez stopping his car, getting out and relieving himself while he stumbled around next to his car.

Two truck drivers knew they couldn’t let him get away. They used their semitrailers to box Ramirez in until police could arrive and arrest him for DUII and disorderly conduct.

"I've seen a lot of drunk drivers on the road and the main thing I was thinking was I wouldn't be able to bare him going down the road, crossing over the median into oncoming traffic or hitting someone else." Jeremy Fish said.

Philip Ramirez