PORTLAND, Ore. – Dozens of vendors got the opportunity to display and sell their goods during Portland’s first Saturday Market of the year.

But for one Portland woman, the opening was bittersweet.

Jerusha Costello and her husband own Tree Town Batiks. They produce homemade custom T-shirts. They set up on Saturday on the opening day of the market. But their inventory wasn’t what they usually offer.

On Friday, someone broke into their van, which was parked win their Southeast Portland neighborhood, and stole two bins full of shirts that were going to be ready for sale Saturday.

“To finally own your own business and have it taken from you is just upsetting,” said Costello. “It was $10,000 worth of clothing."

She and her husband spend the two months the Saturday Market is closed making shirts. To see so much of their hard work taken away from them was frustrating. But they said they won’t let it stop them.

“You just have to bounce back,” Costello said. “This is life. You have to move on.”

Costello is hopeful someone will spot the bins somewhere and return them. She said there have been other car break-ins in the neighborhood but so far police have not caught anyone.