PORTLAND, Ore. – Police on Thursday arrested a man accused of throwing semen on women in Portland-area grocery stores, and he was free on bail Friday morning.

Manuel Banuelos-Alcala, 47, of Beaverton, has been charged with three counts of third-degree sex abuse, a misdemeanor. He was scheduled to be in court Friday.

Banuelos-Alcala was arrested at a Safeway store on Southwest Barbur Boulevard. Detectives learned he likely threw semen on an unsuspecting woman before he was arrested.

KGW's Mike Benner spoke with one of the victims after the suspect was caught.

"For me, it's relief. It's relief knowing we stopped him, because clearly he would do it again," she said.

Last week, police released surveillance images of the suspect and his car after an incident on April 5, in which they said he threw semen on a woman at the same Safeway store.

The woman said it happened to her twice. Once inside the store and once in the parking lot.

"It's creepy. I think you're in disbelief," she said. "Is this really happening? It's disgusting, who would do this? And then it goes through your mind, was he watching me this whole time?"

Since police publicly announced their investigation another woman reported a man threw semen on her at the Safeway on Barbur on May 17.

Police believe there are more victims who may not be aware they were targeted. Detectives are investigating two incidents at Southwest Portland stores, and are working with Beaverton and Milwaukie police on two other cases.

Anyone with information about the case should call Detective Chris Traynor at 503-823-0889.