GRESHAM, Ore. -- The Centennial School District is in the hole thousands of dollars after a handful of burglaries at two different schools.

“It makes me feel sad and concerned,” said teacher Elizabeth Rouffy.

Last Friday, somebody broke inside Rouffy’s classroom at Centennial Middle School. They trashed the room.

“Every single cupboard had been gone through,” she said.

Rouffy says the burglars got away with an iPad and a power cord to a computer among other things. They left behind a message on the white board – I want the computers.

It made sense to Rouffy because computers were taken in two other classroom burglaries earlier in the week. The school is out thousands of dollars.

“This school is supposed to be a safe place,” she said. “When the kids come here from often very turbulent homes I want them to feel good and safe.”

Burglars also targeted nearby Lynch View Elementary School. Several computers were taken from there over the weekend.

“We feel like we’re being targeted,” said Director of Business and Operations Rick Larson. “We feel it’s not fair to the schools.”

The district is stepping up security and offering a $500 reward to the person that provides information that leads to an arrest in the case.

“Anyone who would do this crime must be a desperate person,” said Rouffy.