PORTLAND, Ore. -- A nonprofit organization's delivery van that was stolen Wednesday from a Portland parking lot has been found.

The 1999 white Chevrolet van belongs to Store to Door, a nonprofit organization in Portland. The van is used to deliver groceries to homebound seniors and people with disabilites. It was stolen from the Fred Meyer parking lot at 3030 Northeast Weidler Street.

Store to Door checks in and gets grocery orders to fill on a weekly basis. It’s been around for 26 years.

On Thursday, extra volunteers showed up to shop and deliver more of the groceries in their private vehicles.

“The spirit of our volunteers and staff really exemplify what we’re about,” said Store to Door Executive Director Kiersten Ware. “And when we’re given a difficult situation like this what’s so cool is that it’s an opportunity for us to demonstrate our values and really put our values to work. So people are showing up and we’re getting it done in spite of the difficulty.”