MCMINNVILLE, Ore. -- Authorities in McMinnville are warning of a spike in home and vehicle break-ins.

“Nobody heard anything,” said Dan Harry.

Harry is staying at his in-laws’ home in the West Wind Country Estates. Last Thursday night, the security cameras captured something suspicious.

“You can see him go around the garage here and a few minutes later he enters the porch area.”

A man was breaking into the home.

“He literally tried to break into the house for one hour and 45 minutes,” said Harry.

The man eventually succeeded by breaking a front window. He spent two minutes inside the house before taking off with some jewelry of sentimental value.

“It kind of makes you sick to your stomach to know someone’s in your house,” said Harry. “You see them standing there.”

Authorities say the very next night there was another break-in on nearby Northwest Baker Crest Court. The homeowner interrupted the burglary. People who live in the area say it is unsettling.

“We’re not happy about it,” said Richard Allen. “It’s just kind of scary.”

At this point there is no evidence to suggest the break-ins are connected, but detectives are not ruling out the possibility. They are also asking neighbors to be vigilant about vehicle break-ins. Officers are seeing several a night, up from several a week.

Harry hopes a sense of peace returns to the west side of McMinnville.

“I feel very bad about it,” he said.