UPDATE: Days after he reported his beat-up work truck stolen, Kenton Johnson is driving a nicer rig, donated to him by a fellow chaplain.

The organization where he volunteers, Mountain Wave Search & Rescue, noted in a tweet that he would still like to recover his old truck and gear.


GRESHAM, Ore. -- Kenton Johnson is quick to acknowledge that his stolen truck isn’t worth much.

It's a beat-up 1988 Nissan pickup truck. With a canopy, Johnson says it’s only worth about $1,500.

Still, people are sharing his story on social media to help him find it, in part because it's the truck he uses as chaplain for Mountain Wave Search and Rescue.

About a thousand dollars worth of gear was inside - the tools of the trade for a search and rescue chaplain - including flashlights, blankets, rainwear, and pamphlets with contact information for funeral homes.

The truck was stolen Thursday morning, around 8 am, from the parking lot of the Gresham apartment complex where he lives.

It isn't worth much, but it has sentimental value, he explained. One of the photos he posted is captioned: “Damaged by a deer late one night on my way home from a line of duty death. I never fully fixed it but now should make it easy to spot.”

He asks anyone who spots it to contact him or police. He’d settle for getting the gear back, he said.