PORTLAND, Ore. – A cart at the Tidbit Food Cart Pod in southeast Portland was broken into Thursday night, and its owner says this is the latest blow in an already stressful time.

Inside of a double-decker bus, you’ll find Dani Draper, owner of Vine & Dandy, and her collection of plant creations and botanical-inspired gifts, from the ordinary to the eccentric.

“This guy is my pride and joy,” laughed Draper, as she arranged a toy triceratops, with a plant coming out of its back.

Her business is at the Tidbit Food Cart Pod, on Southeast 28th and Division, and it was Thursday night, someone broke in.

“Friday morning, I came in. The door was open, the window was smashed, there was glass all down my shop,” said Draper. “I’m still tweezing pieces of glass out of the floorboards.”

The crook stole a vintage suitcase, some plants, candles and rings. The person also broke into some sheds at the back of the pods.

Draper says nothing major was taken. But this burglary still stings. And there’s a reason for that. “I basically feel like I’ve been kicked when I was already down,” she said.

This food cart pod closes Sunday, Oct. 8, she says. The roughly 20 carts here will roll away, to make room for new development.

Draper rents her double-decker bus. The owner is selling it, which means Draper needs to start her businesses somewhere else. From scratch.

“The pod in general has been a home for me for two and a half years. It feels like a family here. And I think I’m more upset about the pod dispersing than I am about the few things that were taken from me. And it’s just more stress to add.”

As for the burglary, she says she called police, and hopes that person responsible is caught soon.

“For somebody to come in and think that they think it’s ok to take from somebody that is struggling maybe in a different way, it's still you know, it’s a hit. For sure.”