SALEM, Ore. -- The management team at a Super 8 in Salem is hoping the public can help track down a group that vandalized and burglarized a hotel room.

“It’s hard to see when someone wants to destroy your property for no reason,” said Assistant General Manager Amar Saini.

Saini says a man and woman checked in Wednesday night. Security cameras captured them walking in. They stayed for an hour and left separately. The woman returned with three other men only to leave several hours later with only one of the guys.

“Looks like he’s carrying the TV out under his jacket,” said Saini.

Over the course of the next several hours, the two remaining men left, too, but not empty-handed. Saini said they took the room safe and table lamps.

“It is hard,” said Saini. “Times are tough and we do our best to do upkeep.”

Saini is urging hotel owners across Salem to be on the lookout for the burglars.

“Hopefully this doesn’t happen to someone else because it hurts."