PORTLAND, Ore. -- A Portland man was arrested on accusations that he raped and beat a woman, after following her off a TriMet bus in October.

The attack, which police called random, happened at around 9:30 p.m. on Oct. 15 near Southeast 7th Avenue & Grant Street.

Detectives said the victim had just gotten off a TriMet bus on Southeast 7th & Division Street when 20-year-old Gary Wayne Streeter-Hillerich followed the woman off the bus, walked a block away and attacked her. Passers-by helped the woman and contacted police

“Stranger on stranger attacks are extremely rare,” said Portland Police Sgt. Chris Burley. “These cases are complicated.”

Burley said thanks to TriMet surveillance images, detectives identified Streeter-Hillerich as the suspect nearly three weeks before arresting him.

However, they never warned the public about Streeter-Hillerich before his Nov. 2 arrest. Burley said alerting the community about a suspect isn't always in the public's best interest.

“Sometimes by putting a person's picture on the news, that can cause them to leave an area,” said Burley.

Streeter-Hillerich remains behind bars on multiple charges including kidnapping, rape, sodomy and assault. Bail is set at just over $1.7 million.