VANCOUVER, Wash. -- Police arrested a man after shots were fired inside a Walmart on Wednesday morning.

After a thorough search of the store, police confirmed that nobody was injured or shot.

Police received a report at 6:55 a.m. of an active shooter inside the Hazel Dell Walmart at 9000 Northeast Highway 99. They arrived and took the suspect, 35-year-old Shaun Michael Sprague, into custody.

Sprague was booked into Clark County Jail and faces a charge of first-degree assault.

Clark County Sheriff's Office Sgt. Fred Neiman said some employees hid and locked their doors, while others ran outside once the gunman started firing.

Neiman said workers "did the right thing" by evacuating or taking refuge and calling police.

He says the gunman did fire rounds inside the store, but he did not immediately know what was struck or how many rounds were fired. He also did not know a possible motive, or how many people were in the store at the time of the shooting.

An employee told KGW that the shooting took place near the Subway restaurant inside the store.

Steve Gallas is a new employee who says he just had emergency training on Tuesday. But nothing prepared him for how he felt about showing up to work shortly after the shots were fired.

"Scared, nervous, not knowing what went on and then finding out there was a shooting in Subway. I mean, that’s where I ate yesterday and I thought about that happening in there, I thought that was kind of scary," said Gallas.

Gayle Yoshizawa, an associate who answered the phone at the store, told The Associated Press that no one was injured and that "everybody is fine and the situation is under control."

The store has reopened, with an area roped off where while detectives from the Clark County Major Crimes Unit investigate the shooting.