PORTLAND, Ore. -- Broken glass and cars covered in egg yolk. Police said someone vandalized more than 20 cars in the Hillside neighborhood in Northwest Portland Wednesday night. Many of the cars were shot by a pellet gun.

The destruction started overnight. Police responded to reports of a broken car window but did not find the vandals. It appears the full extent of their rampage was not discovered until Thursday morning.

“I heard noise in the middle of the night and my intuition told me something was going on, but I just chalked it up to maybe some rowdy kids were outside,” said a women whose car window was shot out by a pellet gun. “I went back to sleep and then I woke up to police officers, and found the car smashed up.”

People we talked to say they have experienced break-ins in the neighborhood before, but never had to deal with widespread vandalism.

“They think it is fun, and they are just wasting people's resources and making people not feel safe,” said Sarah Livingstone.

People who live in this neighborhood say the whole thing is just senseless.

Police have not found the people responsible and are asking anyone with information or surveillance video to call their non-emergency number: 503-823-3333.